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Electro-Optical Probing/Imaging for Hardware Security – MEST Center

1:30pm to 4:00pm EST

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Edaptive Computing Inc., Dayton, Ohio

Presenter: Dr. Navid Asadi, FICS Research / University of Florida

Who can attend: Only open to government agencies

To register email: Amanda Moscrip at amosc989@ufl.edu, include name, affiliation, and name of the organization.

Deadline: Register ASAP- Seating is limited.


Optical debugging techniques are usually developed for fault localization and defect characterization step in failure analysis (FA) process.  Photon emission, laser imaging, fault injection, etc. are widely used as optical FA techniques. However, same tools can be used by an adversary to localize and probe on-device assets (e.g., keys). This training will cover the principle of how such attacks work on different chips and possible solutions to protect against such attacks both on circuit and package levels. Training will include lecture as well as pre-recorded videos from real world examples done in FICS Research.